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  1. 06/11/09

    Hey how is your campaign going?



    Reply from theJackel:

    Howdy Tim
    Hows you doing? I had to stop playing my campaign as England and the UP has the BAI is just not up to the job.
    I were just in the middle of writing another thread on missing game features then decided its probably best to actually write CA a letter, so how are you finding it so far?

    Best Wishes
  2. 04/30/09

    Oh right, I'm playing on normal too, I think I heard CA advised us to for the moment. I have seen the film yeah, its excellent - Brad Pitt who you normally think is just some A-list cheesy actor was brilliant. The campaign is going well, I'm playing a new one as Spain... the AI is alot more aggresive, United Provinces and I are really slugging it out, the French decided to turn up too and carry out raids in their lands so its good to see my allies doing something. Im also having quite a savage war in Italy, Im having to send alot of troops over there to fight off the central Italian states and the Austrians have decided to make a presence too. Still haven't seen an enemy fleet with troops on it though! How is yours going? Tim.
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  3. 04/29/09

    That's crazy, I have never heard or seen that happen before...must be something new with the patch then. Whats M/M lol? Im not very computer compatible lol. By the way, is your photo taken from the "assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford"? Strange question I know but it looked famaliar espicially since your name is James. Tim
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    Reply from theJackel:

    Hey Tim

    Yeah M/M is normal difficulty i should say, and thats the coward Robert Ford have you see the film? how is your new campaign going?

    Best Wishes
  4. 04/29/09

    Hi, I saw you made a post about enjoying the new game, and you stated that you had been kicked out of the Americas by the US, and the date said 1704. Was that the regular grand campaign? If it was how did you get the 13 colonies to rebel? Thanks, Tim.


    Reply from theJackel:

    Hi Tim

    Thats the Grand campaign starting at 1700 as GB, I increased the taxes because of the lack of funds from trade then the Americas kicked me out of the colonies i have never seem this happen before, I have to to make the colonies rebel many times with no success (i didn't even have to try this time) .be the way i'm playing on M/M if that helps?

    Best Wishes